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With the development of the times and the aggravation of market competition, R&D and design of products have been paid more and more attention by companies and business management, and become the core competitiveness of enterprises. However, good design and good design management are inseparable, good design management is an important measure to produce good design and the only way to design success. The complexity and diversity of today's product design have led to the need for enterprises or design organizations to complete product design and development projects in the form of cross-departmental and professional teams. Teamwork has become the main form of product design and development. The success or failure of design and development and the final quality are closely related to the operation and management of the design team. Therefore, strengthening the management of cross-professional design team with designers as the main body is our main goal and direction in the future. It is of great significance to promote the quality of products and improve the innovation and development ability of product design.


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